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Our Focus:

Our focus is to partner with companies through every stage of product development and manufacturing. Specializing in leading technologies, worldwide engineering capabilities and reliable service, we develop customized solutions that help businesses reduce their time-to-market.

With over 25 years of experience, we continue to strive for excellence by being customer-focused, managing projects effectively and delivering quality, on time and within budget.

We truly want to be your partner in product development!

Our Specialties:

  • Leading edge technologies
  • Worldwide engineering capabilities
  • Customized solutions Traditional and exotic material
  • Reliable service
  • Delivering quality on time and within budget
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Derek Leslie - rapid prototype project manager
Derek Leslie

Project Manager

Derek began his incarceration at LAE Technologies in 2003 and has been focused on the growth and development of the company during that time, with emphasis on additive manufacturing technologies. He is an avid scuba diver, enthusiastic creator of culinary masterpieces, loves the outdoors and the internal combustion engine. “Nothing will work unless you do” M.A.

Phone: 705 728 7000 ext 1
Email: dleslie@laetechnologies.com

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Colin Leslie - rapid prototype production manager
Colin Leslie

Production Manager

Colin Leslie joined the LAE team in April of 2011. Colin focuses on design work, using his expansive SolidWorks training, as well as managing all production. Colin enjoys exploring the globe, both on land and under the sea, hitting the links and relaxing on the lake.

Phone: 705 728 7000 ext 4
Email: cleslie@laetechnologies.com

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Colin R Johnson - rapid prototype general manager
Colin R Johnson

General Manager

Educated in the UK before moving to Canada as a young man, Colin has over 40 years experience developing business in the domestic and international marketplace. He joined LAE Technologies in the late 90’s using his entrepreneurial spirit to achieve the growth and vision required to become a leader in the field of Product Development. “I love golf”- C.J.

Vinnie - 3D printing head door man

Head Door Man

Vinnie joined the LAE team as a part time member in September of 2011. He has since worked his way up to a full time position as head door man. He enjoys stealing Marley’s toys, sleeping and getting scratches from those he welcomes at the door.

Marley - 3D printing public relations

Public Relations

Marley joined LAE Technologies in 2007 as a young and eager intern and has since risen to head of public relations. In his spare time he enjoys sleeping, cookies, sleeping, scratches and sleeping.